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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a 16 year old girl who is obsessed with books, and BBC shows hence the name Booksandmorebooks. Hope you enjoy my book reviews. Also this is meant to be something that I do for fun, I love to read and write and I think that this will be a great way to improve my writing, I do wish that no one leaves rude and ignorant comment on this blog. Some of my book reviews will have more than one kind of genre or character description. Warning: If you are homophobic, racist or are any kind of prejudiced against some things, then I recommend going to another blog since I am very open-minded.

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Cinder - Marissa Meyer

       While reading Cinder, many things stood out to me about this book. Cinder is the re-telling of the original folktale 'Cinderella', but the difference is that this book is not only filled with sci-fi action but it's also filled with Fantasy and the reason why we as readers enjoy reading the retelling of a story that has stole our hearts.


Cinder is, in futuristic Beijing a cyborg(Half-human, and Half-robot), and is one the best mechanics of her time. But there's more to it. Although she is a seventeen-year old girl she has no idea how she became a cyborg, and has no memories of her father. The synopsis of this book was very appealing, but there were many things in the synopsis that never happened in the first book of the lunar chronicles series. I will not be blabbing on about this book and what it's about because it one of those fantasy series that you need to go into not really knowing anything about it, but I will say this. It had many plot twists and things that we would never see coming. I hope my review helped you pick this book up and enjoy your read.